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an :

my name is beka, i'm 29 and live in london (GMT)

i'm queer/bisexual, cis and my pronouns are she/her

i work as a therapist in the nhs for a trauma response team

i have and

some things i'm interested in are

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just laying here full of e x i s t e n i a l d r e a d

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my step mum is super religious in a v colonised by america way (??) so we have to spend all morning looking at old spanish-filipino churches, convents and cloisters

i have to go back to work on monday after not having even checked the news let alone my emails since 17th december, i wonder what wild and upsetting news has broken while i’ve been away. when i was in ny it was bonfire night and the affair, could it be worse this time?

ok i should follow some more people but i do not want shit posting king pins in my feed, give me sincere posting or give me death

becoming a contortionist to shave your legs in the sink to avoid having to shower again

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fighting with my dad at dinner because he’s a massive capitalist knob, classic

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also, if you comment creepy, unwanted shit on my selfies and ruin the mood, pay your penance here

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i love inside jokes, love to be a part of one some day

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my last two toots are not a contradiction

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