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an :

my name is beka, i'm 29 and live in london (GMT)

i'm queer/bisexual, cis and my pronouns are she/her

i work as a therapist in the nhs for a trauma response team

i have and

some things i'm interested in are

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Why are ppl asking for follower numbers? If it's shitposting it still looks sincere and is very reminiscent of clout shit

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good job i ripped the puzzle section out of one of each of the free newspapers 😈

in news that will shock no one, my easyjet flight is delayed and poorly managed

i actually love the airport and am having a great time despite the devil trying to test me

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in 6 hours i’m gonna get to snuggle one of my best little lads and his new bump brother ✨✨

i give zero fucks and i got zero chill in me

lads i can’t even get the train to the airport at ridic o’clock without hearing an old man hiss ‘is someone siting here?’ at me

i’ve been exhausted for a week and now i have to be up in 4 hours to catch a flight i can’t fucking sleep

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Thinking about really Miss Havishamming it up and wearing a decaying wedding dress at all times, what do you guys think

today is my final day sick before im meant to go away early tomorrow, gonna rest so hard

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