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I'm Iona! I'm a 30yo bi/queer cis woman (not a terf). I live in San Leandro, California, but I am from Yorkshire, UK.

I like fiber arts (knitting, crochet, sewing, cross-stitch, open to learning more, would love to spin and weave). I also enjoy cooking, being near open water, traveling, food, crime fiction/tv/movies, blues. Other things I can't think of right now.

I have chronic physical and mental health issues.

I'm super interesting in meeting new folks on here!

Catching the ring pull off a can on your septum piercing, reboost if you relate.

First alcohol socializing since I got pneumonia and my shitty ex texts me out of the blue

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don't think i will ever get over "the adult baby takeover is cancelled"

My office has started ordering a new brand of flavored water so now we have 3 to choose from. Plus plain fizzy water from a 4th brand.

Bay Area tech companies: Exactly as ridiculous as you think they are, maybe even more.

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opening a combo hot dog/sex toy shop called hog dogs

I actually volunteered to have a middle seat so I can sit next to him, in fact.

Voluntarily chose to sit next to my ex on a 20hr flight in a few weeks, ama.

Treated myself to luxury bitch wool socks in the sales because I truly am That White Girl In Berkeley Bowl.

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