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Just wrote a piece for uni where I am writer, sex worker, and spokesperson for an organisation 🤷🏼‍♀️

Screaming in I just told the boy I’m dating I’m trans 🙃

Guess who has pizza on way home from a booking and if lifting their best life

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Maybe gay, maybe sad, maybe just horny? who really knows.

@carbunkle children will be expecting me to teach them. I’m horrendous someone save me from myself

Tomorrow I have to teach a 2 hour long lecture to undergrads.

Someone halpppp.

The number of people I am currently crushing on has risen by 100% since arriving on mastodon (again)

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Dealing with shitty emotionally abusive client this evening has made me want to pull out my eyeballs.

Can never stop thinking about how cis-centric body positivity online is! Trans body positivity is SO different and literally impossible with cis ppl. Campaign for a trans only trans body pos group or something lmao.

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