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time again is it? I'm Vee, I'm 29, bi, non-binary trans, currently living in Lancashire, UK.

I like movies and (which is a new interest for me). I mostly toot about these things and general life chit chat

I'm full-time disabled so spend a lot of time watching bad movies (I'm a p active letterboxd user if anyone else is on there), sleeping and reading and that's abar it I guess?

had a rough week or so but i get to see my best lad this weekend and next weekend and we're doing fun stuff so perhaps i will start to perk back up soon

soz that i only ever beg for money when i'm on here but i've got my next dentist appt in the morning and still don't have enough money for it so if anyone has anything spare i will be v grateful

I'm having a wobbly day today tbh but I had a really lovely weekend so I'm gonna try focus on feeling good about that

Anyway I've not been on here much lately how are you toot toot

I stopped watching Netflix for bed bc I could never figure out how many episodes it had auto played in my sleep. It has taken me maybe 8 months to remember you can turn auto play off wot a silly billy I am

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If anyone is harbouring a secret wish to giz a kiss I wanna know bc I luv attention

If anyone is harbouring a secret wish to giz a kiss I wanna know bc I luv attention

I hope today is the day we all reveal our secret or not so secret crushes on each other

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Someday, when trans people can be in a story without the story being about โ€œtransitioningโ€, a very cute trans girl will star in a remake of Miss Congeniality, and it will be goofy and heartwarming and better than the original.

this is mostly a joke but my paypal link is on my profile if u want to feed me ๐Ÿ’…

i am a hongry boi whomst wants to buy me chicken nuggets ๐Ÿ—

hi i just watched bound for the first time and i luv it and i luv jennifer tilly and i want to kiss one thousand girls immediately

still livid that on this here website, where everyone luvs ibs jokes, i am so unpopular when my @ is an ibs joke

(the other things on my watchlist are the last couple of eps of american gods that i forgot to watch, total divas and the most recent seasons of orphan black, mr robot and glow)

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