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time again is it? I'm Vee, I'm 29, bi, non-binary trans, currently living in Lancashire, UK.

I like movies and (which is a new interest for me). I mostly toot about these things and general life chit chat

I'm full-time disabled so spend a lot of time watching bad movies (I'm a p active letterboxd user if anyone else is on there), sleeping and reading and that's abar it I guess?

I'm having a wobbly day today tbh but I had a really lovely weekend so I'm gonna try focus on feeling good about that

Anyway I've not been on here much lately how are you toot toot

I stopped watching Netflix for bed bc I could never figure out how many episodes it had auto played in my sleep. It has taken me maybe 8 months to remember you can turn auto play off wot a silly billy I am

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If anyone is harbouring a secret wish to giz a kiss I wanna know bc I luv attention

roses are various colours
never fuck a cop

If anyone is harbouring a secret wish to giz a kiss I wanna know bc I luv attention

I hope today is the day we all reveal our secret or not so secret crushes on each other

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Someday, when trans people can be in a story without the story being about โ€œtransitioningโ€, a very cute trans girl will star in a remake of Miss Congeniality, and it will be goofy and heartwarming and better than the original.

this is mostly a joke but my paypal link is on my profile if u want to feed me ๐Ÿ’…

i am a hongry boi whomst wants to buy me chicken nuggets ๐Ÿ—

hi i just watched bound for the first time and i luv it and i luv jennifer tilly and i want to kiss one thousand girls immediately

still livid that on this here website, where everyone luvs ibs jokes, i am so unpopular when my @ is an ibs joke

(the other things on my watchlist are the last couple of eps of american gods that i forgot to watch, total divas and the most recent seasons of orphan black, mr robot and glow)

has anyone watched the big mouth valentines special? if it's good i might bump it up my watchlist

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