does anybody else enjoy staying up late because you feel like its the only time of day when the demands of life arent being forced on you and time seems to stand still for a bit and your problems recede into the background. is that just me

This has gone down well so let me tell you about the rest of our wedding music because it was pretty cool imho.
I walked down the β€œaisle”* to Seven Hundred Birds by Quickbeam which is such a lovely track.
While we signed register it was Temptation by New Order at earsplitting volume for some reason.
And then we walked β€œout”* to the disco version of the Indiana Jones theme

*we got married at St Pancras, by the Eurostar upstairs so there wasn’t really an aisle or anywhere to leave

Laying on a beach slapping myself on the tummy until my seal friends come find me

Though tbf the first dance at our wedding was Ice Cube’s It Was A Good Day so I’ve never been one for trad romance 😁

Listening to Superheated by New Order and it’s such a shame the lyrics are about a break up because it’s got such a romantic feel to me.

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get you a partner whomst snuggles and loves you for who you are flaws and all πŸ’

took some photos on the beach yesterday. i work in a nice place

@GayFieri I wrote this post because I've seen a few people who struggle to feel included on Mastodon (and social media in general) and I do too. I think it's important to be open about this because I want you guys to know you're not alone. I wouldn't want anyone to be left feeling isolated or lonely because they didn't know that it wasn't just them that found it difficult to integrate with other people here, or that found it hard to open up or be themselves. It's more common than you think. Please do keep trying.

That little voice telling you that you're not interesting is a dickhead. Your sincere toots are important, your jokes are funny and your selfies are beautiful. Fight the urge to hide away. You're worth listening to.

Feeling incredibly warm watching all of you beauts having lovely conversations this morning :blobcatcoffee: :blobS2bi: :rainblob:

Feeling much more at the straight end of the spectrum today, listening to all this driving chat. I passed when I was 17 (third time admittedly and I’m so old that it was the year theory tests came in so I had to take one to pass my third test) and have been driving ever since I got a car on my 18th Birthday 😬

1 boost or fave = 1 good luck for my theory test today. I failed the last one so i need this!

Also I just watched the trailer for the new series of Making A Murderer and hoooooo boy *rubs hands*

Morning again later risers. May I commend this banging track to the TL plz

It's my 40th birthday today, mates. I was given an amazing birthday gift. Boost if you're younger than me.

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