I’ve had a stressful last hour and this is so pure and wholesome it nearly made me cry 🥚🍁🍂

I was lazy stealing this off Twitter and not checking so here is the original artist:

@emilyoram !! this is the sweetest cartoon 😭😭

@ed it’s his little face, I can’t take it 😭💔

@baronnarcveldt I’m not sure, I took it from Twitter where it wasn’t credited so I’d have to do a google

@emilyoram cool! yeah I found them on reddit :) i think sharing the watermarked version is good enough since they distributed it for free originally

@emilyoram Thanks for sharing this. I don't think I've ever imagined Humpty's fall in such a way. Thanks again, and nice autumn to you and your wholesome Humpty :) ( cc: @kurtm for the boost ) .. Cheers (:

breakups, moving on, metaphor abuse 

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