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I'm a teacher and writer -- I live in Philadelphia.

I research and write about the experiences of Indigenous peoples and peoples of African descent as they confronted European colonialism between 1500 and 1800.

I toot about history, the arts, my teaching, and writing.

There shall (no doubt) follow many toots about my kitties (3), movies/TV, and the 'Morse-universe' ('Morse,' 'Lewis,' and 'Endeavour')! :p

A dear friend of mine is kick-starting an #Arduino Project!
ProtoSwitchBoard, is environmentally friendly (biodegradable) and open source!

No more wire snake nests. No more reverse engineering your own prototypes after a coffee break.


Just be aware, everytime someone says something mean about me online I make a detailed anonymous report to the FBI

There are a lot of brands whose existence I find mystifying, but none more than "Untuckit"

Oh hell yeah (also these came from the Portland store, obviously)

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I'm trying to have a good day and I hope you have one too :googlemuscleL: :blobderpy: :cupofcoffee:

one thing that's a major bummer about streaming services being the primary way that ppl consume music now is the lack of hidden tracks that act as cool surprises at the end of the album

I was asked to create a custom Freddie Mercury bookmark. It was a pleasure to pay hommage to such a queer icon.

I also went to a Twins game last year, on Prince Night, so I got this fuckin dope-ass hat, which I photographed on top of a stack of books I bought because I am me

unpaid TSA agents are playing loud, dirty versions of rap songs, and it's funny to me that this is their way of rebelling.

I got caught in the rain so going outside is Bad again. I repeat, do not go outside, it is Bad.

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