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I'm a teacher and writer -- I live in Philadelphia.

I research and write about the experiences of Indigenous peoples and peoples of African descent as they confronted European colonialism between 1500 and 1800.

I toot about history, the arts, my teaching, and writing.

There shall (no doubt) follow many toots about my kitties (3), movies/TV, and the 'Morse-universe' ('Morse,' 'Lewis,' and 'Endeavour')! :p

I am 110% down for shipping Lara Croft and Wonder woman (art by stjepan sejic)

America is a land of contrasts (selfies, ec)

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Poor Tully. Clucky Miranda has put the wing over and made her a stand in chick.

First up! I illustrated some books a while ago, and I've still got copies sitting on my shelves. Only a few of Duck Duck Goose and Adorable Alice left, but I just got a big box of Hermione Anemones from the publisher :D

I figure $15 each is probably fair? I can drop as low as $10 if you'd like more than one :)

#mastoart #artist #books

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@pip happy birthday blessed angel, hope you have the most perfect day 🎂🎈✨🎁

@pip PIP HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope you have the most wonderful day 💕

Honestly though no platform academic librarians, 90% of them are assholes and the other 10% are my friends and they know where I'm coming from

Give your platforms to birds and librarians, not turds and libertarians.

Guess who has pizza on way home from a booking and if lifting their best life

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