I hate when people are like 'oh £50 isn't a lot of money'

It is for me, it can decide if I eat properly that month.

Super noodles for tea tonight but luckily the in laws are taking us out tomorrow

Seriously though I'm so short for this month now that I have no way of making it up, so if you do have a few £ to spare it would be most appreciated even though this is embarrassing af and I hate doing it and it makes me think everyone hates me 😭


I can't believe parents in the UK are saying their children shouldn't take part in LGBT sex education as it will 'make them gay'

That's not how it works, Carol, you homophobic twatbadger

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Anyway sleep time cos I'm

a) too scared to read my replies on here after suggesting everyone hates me
b) still so fucking worried about money
c) now also worried about my relationship
d) mentally, physically and emotionally FUCKING DRAINED

My bf is great, he's looked after me for a long time, never hurt me and I want to be with him for the rest of my life but I wish he would learn to communicate better and talk about his feelings ffs

I just feel like nobody likes me on here anymore hahaha

I would have been happy as an office administrator forever but my boss & colleagues pushed me and I do actually prefer what I do now

I started as office administrator in 2016, moved to marketing the same year and became marketing & programming manager in 2018. Now you can add producer to that list.

At least it means I'm good at something even if that is my job 🤷‍♀️

Have I taken more work on even though I'm always overwhelmed?

Yes because it lets me forget about my joke of a life

Finally going to be producing my own show!

Fingers crossed it comes with a pay rise if the first 6 months goes well 🤞

Literally just want to go home and crawl into bed. Can't cope anymore.

Only £100 short now so feeling a bit less stressed but still had the feeling of just wanting to burst into tears for the last week. There's loads more going on than just money though I guess

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They're being really nice about it like 'oh but you're good at EVERYTHING'

yeah related to my job, but not driving

I stopped driving after 2 failed tests because the anxiety was making me physically sick.

My colleagues have just surrounded me going on at me about how I need to do it again and now I feel even more sick

Also our heating broke a few years ago and we can't afford to get it fixed. We were using a portable heater and that blew up last night

2019 is going really well thanks for asking

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