Hey, so it's looking likely that I'll be kicked off my Masters course if I can't raise the funds for my last tuition fee payment by the end of June. This is over £2000.

I finish in Oct, I can't quit this close but I've also had a change in circumstances which means I can't afford it, even with 2 jobs.

The shame of asking for help is less embarrassing than getting so close, putting so much time and effort into it & not graduating 🤞

If you can boost at all that would be great :)

Thanks to the people who advised me to do this: for some reason seeing it set out like this and having a real target is helping my anxiety a bit?

Does anyone know of any good forums to share this? Maybe even specific education ones?

This is what is owed. I've raised some through my jobs and can probably raise another £500 before June but I'll fall just under 50% short still.

Any help is appreciated so much <3

There are people on there successfully raising £30000+ to go to Oxford which gives me a bit more hope...

Going to have a long hot shower with some relaxing music on and hope I'm a little closer to my goal when I'm done 🤞🤞🤞

£62 on the first day isn't bad at all 🙂

I appreciate it all so much. Thanks for helping me to shape a future when I feel so hopeless. 💟

My battery is going and I really should sleep (I've hardly slept the last few days) but thanks to everyone who has boosted this or donated 💟

Nearly 10% of the way there which helps my anxiety a bit.

Thank you so much.

If I wake up in the morning to more donations my heart is going to be even more full.

Again, thank you thank you thank you and pls boost if you can x

I've joined some large groups on facebook etc but does anyone else have any ideas where I could share this?

Also feel free to share if there's somewhere you think is relevant ❤️

I'm trying to get some work done and not think about this but its consuming my every thought at the moment 😩 I'll be heartbroken if I can't make it work

Trust me I've exhausted every other option I have or I wouldn't be putting myself out here like this.

It means everything to me.

I'm not on twitter, apart from a work account which I can't post this from.

But feel free to share it there. ❤️

Thanks to everyone who has helped and boosted this ❤️

It may just seem like 'oh it's just a degree' to some people but it's a dream of mine and means the world to me

So anxious. I'm never going to pull this off but I need to at least try

I'm not naturally clever but I'm working SO HARD and getting all distinctions and merits, I don't want to have to give up now! 😩

Adding any Paypal/Cash App donations to the total as 'offline donations' now I've figured out how to do so!

The kindness of you all has blown me away. Thanks so so much for sharing and donating 💕 fingers crossed 💕

If I manage to get any more overtime at my jobs I'll also add that to the total!

If even half of my followers could afford to donate £5 I'd be well on my way there! 💕 i understand that people may not be able to afford this though and a boost is just as valuable. Thanks so much for all of your kindness :sparkles_bi:

I approached my uncle about this (to him, spending £1500 is as easy as spending a tenner) and he just wasn't interested. My own family ffs. I would have even borrowed it and paid back monthly or something.

Last time I babysit for him or clean his house, then 🙃

If I can somehow get to £500 by the end of the weekend I'll be 1/3 of the way there and my dream will be so much closer!

Thank you to everyone donating and/or boosting this, it means the absolute world to me 💕 💕

I REALLY appreciate everyone boosting and sharing this for me. I see you & I 💙 you

Please please PLEASE help if you can 🙏💕

Even if you can't donate, boosts and shares are so so valuable! 💟

Pls give me money so my life isn't ruined, thanks 😂

Thanks so much for the boosts 💕 💕

Honestly ANYTHING helps if you can spare anything at all :blobcatheart:

Just got my latest lecture notes through. This is where your money is going :kirby_fly:

Donate 50p & I'll teach you how to MEME JACK

I've got so much work to do when I get home, hope it isn't pointless 😩

@ivyandgoldx It's good that you do that. Seeing how much money you've got left to raise is a motivating factor for donating.

@ivyandgoldx I've shared it on Twitter. I don't have a huge audience, but I do have friends who do, so hopefully they'll pick it up and boost the signal.

@ivyandgoldx everyone send cash to this sweet and precious darling friend of all of ours to help her accomplish her dreams, this is what community and helping others is all about folks

@ivyandgoldx hey, I don't know how school works in the UK, but I had a similar problem when my parents cut me off and it looked like I wasn't gonna be able to finish college. I talked to my guidance counselor and she said there was a small scholarship for people who need to finish their degrees. it might be worth asking about.

@interneteh yep tried several things like that, this is very honestly my last shot!!!

@ivyandgoldx i had to write something like this for my old boss and i really wish i’d kept it

@alana it's the first lecture with a new professor and I'm worried the whole module is going to be a joke haha

@ivyandgoldx you have probably answered this a dozen times but do you accept paypal for this?
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