oh thank fuck, it let me install chrome without needing admin privileges (I know, google are evil, don't @ me)

jesus fucking CHRIST, I went all the way into college to use the library computers just to import my followers and internet explorer won’t fucking open any Mastodon instances

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Things I never want to hear about a room full of Tories again: ‘it was hot and steamy in there’

there's a running theme with roommates in my life where they move out and leave a bunch of expired food and broken furniture and say "anything i left i dont want so you can just keep it."

like oh thank you for the kind gift of 'all the trash you didnt want to deal with, so now i have to deal with it'

hey, women/trans folk/people who wear makeup: got any makeup tips for a girl who knows fuck-all about makeup beyond putting on lipstick and eyeliner? How does one properly use concealer/foundation? what is "contouring?" how does eyeshadow work?

Single and ready to hide in a corner watching everyone else mingle

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Good morning! A question for gardeners of mastodon: Is it good to use spent tea leaves / coffee / rooibos as soil improvement for the olive tree?

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