oh thank fuck, it let me install chrome without needing admin privileges (I know, google are evil, don't @ me)

jesus fucking CHRIST, I went all the way into college to use the library computers just to import my followers and internet explorer won’t fucking open any Mastodon instances

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Things I never want to hear about a room full of Tories again: ‘it was hot and steamy in there’

there's a running theme with roommates in my life where they move out and leave a bunch of expired food and broken furniture and say "anything i left i dont want so you can just keep it."

like oh thank you for the kind gift of 'all the trash you didnt want to deal with, so now i have to deal with it'

hey, women/trans folk/people who wear makeup: got any makeup tips for a girl who knows fuck-all about makeup beyond putting on lipstick and eyeliner? How does one properly use concealer/foundation? what is "contouring?" how does eyeshadow work?

Single and ready to hide in a corner watching everyone else mingle

sexual assault related CW abbreviations 

Good morning! A question for gardeners of mastodon: Is it good to use spent tea leaves / coffee / rooibos as soil improvement for the olive tree?

meta, csa 

lunchtime walk today to the sodden tracks and shining pools of ballan moore. this was an enormous tidal inlet- a bronze age sewn plank boat was dug up here. up until the 19th century there were tidal whirlpools, swallowing men, dogs and cows. these disappeared when they dug the severn tunnel and tapped the underground spring disgorging millions of gallons of water. they're still pumping it out today

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