Yay, my family's Foster Cat is now officially Forever Cat. :) <3

when i was a kid i had the sims, and this being europe it had french and german on the packaging

underneath "the sims" it said "les sims" and "die sims", incidentally these are the two most popular things to do on the sims

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The Instagram advertising algorithm clearly thinks that I’m a really exciting person

It's Time!
Time for Tuesday's Masto-Sourced Playlist!
Today, It's The One About Animals!

Holy Toledo, y'all went WILD on this one! Over 60 songs, painstakingly selected by your Fedi-Friends for your aural pleasures!

Here you are:

in some scenes, Luke appears to be sadder than usual. i postulate this is in fact due to the presence of a second, Sadder Luke,

can some girl with bangs tell me which planet is making me depressed

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Next time someone asks me if I’m going to have kids I’m telling them that I ripped out my uterus with my bare hands and threw it into the ocean as an offering to the sea hags

someone uttered the words "my own worst enemy" and it took all my self-control not ask why my car is in the front yard

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Apparently the new meme going around is to type ‘Rihanna’ and your birthday into the search engine of your choice then post the result

- tall
- fast-growing
- smooth skin
- change fashion seasonally
- cottonlike hair
- frequently reproduce by forming clonal colonies

- not a tree at all actually

- gyre in the wabe
- regular sword
- walks
- unhealthy borogoves

- gyre AND gimble in the wabe
- vorpal sword
- gallumphs
- mimsy borogoves

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