live debates are a fucking awful way of mediating who has a better opinion in general. they suck.

here's a scenario: your opponent cites some obscure figure they've completely decontextualised/manipulated to fit their argument. you haven't heard of this statistic. i mean, why would you have? it's irrelevant! but how are you meant to respond to their citation if you have zero knowledge of its source? live debates don't just allow these tactics to be used, they actively incentivise them!

This is a solargraph I made in 2012. I made this one out of a beer can and the exposure is around two-three months, I think. Those lines are the sun =) #photography

Is there a bigger ‘fuck you’ than when you stroke your cat then she immediately starts cleaning the part that you touched

my gf impulse bought this plant a few months ago that i call “hellraiser potato” for obvious reasons and now it’s growing all these leaves out of it??? what are you doing little guy. what’s the plan

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Someone discussing a hockey injury on television just said, "you never know with groins," and it's true, you never know with groins

just realized that we are currently in the time loop of mass migration -> eugen getting cancelled

My hip hurts. I should probably drag myself off to

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Just saying but white people should probably think twice before creating POC sockpuppets accounts?

Tidying turned into wrestling with a poster for 20 minutes trying to get it into a frame and now I’m exhausted

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