What's the most ridiculous picture of yourself you have saved on your phone


@Aleums this is from about 9 years ago when me and my friends found this horrifying mutant ice cream cone eating its own young

@purgatos @Aleums I like how somebody’s chained it up to stop it from killing again

@kirstyyarr @Aleums
Whoever made that monstrosity is a modern Blake and should be better known.

Put it on the 4th plinth IMO.

If they need a title for the artwork I suggest "Coneus"

@floppyplopper @kirstyyarr ooh I didn't realize the reference, that's rather good

@Aleums @kirstyyarr
I was just thinking of this astonishing work of genius today.

Great injustice that this sculptor isn't:
1) better known;
2) the winner of the Turner prize.

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