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Hello my . I'm one of yr mods!

I'm Mel, I'm a 30 years old white cis woman (she/her) who lives in the north east of the UK with my wife and a fat fluffy ginger cat called Lily. I'm a lesbian :lesbian: asexual :asexual:

I'm fat and am super interested in fat acceptance politics, also a communist :comrade: but not the type that's read Marx.

My interests include , , , . I have an allotment and my favourite cook book is Ruby Tandoh's 'Flavour'

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Hi everyone welcome to, I hope we can be a chill instance for cool people. We're generally supporting queer, lefist anti-oppressive politics. Please get to know people you might not necessarily have talked to before because I truly believe everyone invited here will get along! If you'd like introducing to anyone please lmk. I hope we can be great comrades ❤️ :comrade: :anarchy:

I see we’re taking the female presenting nipples news as well as the rest of the internet over here too.

the brown and green m&m are trans lesbians... stay woke

Magic Mike XXL is just a perfect movie. the entire point of the movie is that women deserve pleasure and should be given it. it's all about the female gaze and female enjoyment and not as seedy thing like the male gaze so often is but as an amazing thing women deserve. it's one of the most purely enjoyable movies ever made.

I am spreading myself far too much across the internet recently I physically don't have the time to keep up with all the social media I use, sorry I've neglected Masto pals x hi love just checking in with you again, how are you doing? 💕 hope you don’t mind me following your new account with all due respect I have literally no idea what you want from me and directly and aggressively involving me in a situation I only very vaguely know the details about is literally not the way to get what you want. I personally have removed the offender from my periphery, had no intention of interacting with him ever in the first place and spoke directly with the victim. If that’s not enough for you you’re free to keep yourself safe & block me. I’m sorry you are struggling.

why is possessing a body so relentless, I can’t be fucking bothered with all the maintenance it requires like bathing and brushing my teeth and using menstrual products and ffs can I just opt out altogether

Just say you hate women and go fuck yourself

newsflash “ironic” misogyny is still misogyny and you’re not a fucking leftist if you engage in it. I’ve seen far too many sexually and emotionally abusive men concealed within the cult of leftist irony to not consider it as the biggest fucking red flag. Like people who think writing for Vice is a replacement for a personality

people on here actually think chapo is good like wtf, id rather die than have to listen to several white men make ableist and sexist “jokes”

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General kitten update: two of the four (Midnight and Minion) hit 1 kg! One is just 40 grams short (Snack).
Charm is lagging behind at 810g or so and hasn't been growing much in the past week despite eating like a champ. I'm having an eye on the others at feeding time now just to be sure.

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mastodon isn’t just a website, it is a federation—think star trek. thousands of independent communities running mastodon form a coherent network, where while every planet is different, being part of one is being part of the whole. is a small, friendly family-like instance aligned with queer, leftist anti-oppressive politics. welcome!