Hi everyone welcome to, I hope we can be a chill instance for cool people. We're generally supporting queer, lefist anti-oppressive politics. Please get to know people you might not necessarily have talked to before because I truly believe everyone invited here will get along! If you'd like introducing to anyone please lmk. I hope we can be great comrades ❤️ :comrade: :anarchy:

The moderator team are currently @qruce @hannah @elleha @stillicides @yrorp @false_dmitry @pip but we are always open to "applications" if you'd like to help out!

the instance is currently max 100 users so i've set invite links to be moderator only for the minute, but if you wanna join please just ask! its not an exclusive club i just went for the cheapest hosting for now, if it reaches capacity i'll deffo be able to look into expanding.

@mellymeep hi I don’t understand instances yet but would love to be in yr cool space xx

@seta I'm not sure what the comittment will be yet tbh, for now its all set up and I imagine it wont need a lot of moderation immediately beyond inviting people you think are cool! we are in a whatsapp for discussing the initial set up which i imagine will be used in future for making admin decisions but thats totally optional x

@mellymeep if u want help, happy to chip in, have a decent amount of experience modding online communities 😘

@mellymeep I highly recommend writing a CoC / how to enforce it together. It's a good team building effort, and get you all on the same page (also some instances won't federate with servers who have none, just a heads up!)

@mellymeep weird it keeps sending me to the main page and telling me signups are closed

@mellymeep This is great! Hope it goes well and I'm sure it'll be a lovely little community!! :D

@mellymeep I would feel like a fraud for not being 4eva online! (but yes, yes please, that would be lovely ☺)

@mellymeep hi not sure what your plan is for the instance but would it be OK for me to join this?

@mellymeep the invite just redirects me to, any idea what i'm doing wrong?

@mellymeep Hey, can you explain what the positive, negative and neutral tags for CWs are/how they should be used please?

@mediocredave hi Dave sorry I missed this originally, as far as I’m aware they way they’re used on masto in general is to note what the general mood of the content is, so if you’re talking about food for instance and its something negative like “i feel guilty” or whatever I’d put food -, I think it’s just to give extra detail into what might or might not trigger someone?

@mellymeep I'd love an invite please if there are still any going spare! 💜

@mellymeep I'd be interested in an invite if there are still any spare and if it's okay to join as a cis het white man. I don't want to encroach on a space not meant for me obviously

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4eva online

mastodon isn’t just a website, it is a federation—think star trek. thousands of independent communities running mastodon form a coherent network, where while every planet is different, being part of one is being part of the whole. is a small, friendly family-like instance aligned with queer, leftist anti-oppressive politics. welcome!