I see we’re taking the female presenting nipples news as well as the rest of the internet over here too.

the brown and green m&m are trans lesbians... stay woke

Magic Mike XXL is just a perfect movie. the entire point of the movie is that women deserve pleasure and should be given it. it's all about the female gaze and female enjoyment and not as seedy thing like the male gaze so often is but as an amazing thing women deserve. it's one of the most purely enjoyable movies ever made.

@Jessicacrets @xaphania and there's so many fat women!!! being allowed their sexuality!! its incredible

I am spreading myself far too much across the internet recently I physically don't have the time to keep up with all the social media I use, sorry I've neglected Masto pals x

@artemisia@girlcock.club hi love just checking in with you again, how are you doing? 💕 hope you don’t mind me following your new account

@hannadryad@queer.garden you don’t need to apologise because you were angry at being let down and I understand that. if you want to talk or anything ill be available later on this afternoon as I’ve got a long drive at lunch time

@hannadryad@queer.garden we’ve only known each other a short time but I care for you and want the best for you, if there’s anything you would like specifically from me I can do my best. I hope you can create a safe space for yourself today 💕

@hannadryad@queer.garden you @‘d me last night saying fuck off. the only impression I could take from your posts was that you were angry about him so I didn’t feel like I needed to get involved again, survivor justice is messy but I’m too jaded from being involved in several of my own and my close friends accountability processes to feel like im well enough to go head first into another, people protect their abusive friends and it’s shit. I’m genuinely sorry that we’ve failed a duty of care to you though.

@hannadryad@queer.garden with all due respect I have literally no idea what you want from me and directly and aggressively involving me in a situation I only very vaguely know the details about is literally not the way to get what you want. I personally have removed the offender from my periphery, had no intention of interacting with him ever in the first place and spoke directly with the victim. If that’s not enough for you you’re free to keep yourself safe & block me. I’m sorry you are struggling.

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