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This is bribery in the hopes that it passes its MOT next week cos can I fuck afford any more garage bills.

My life would be so much easier if I just never had to do my own washing again tbh, it’s a never ending pile of laundry that makes everything look so messy all of the time. It spreads across every room in the house like the plague

I’ve deep cleaned the bathroom for the first time in ages and feel accomplished but there’s also four other rooms in this house to do and also two cupboards full of shite. I always want to get it done before Christmas so we have a lovely tidy organised house seeing as we spend so much time here.

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Been wondering if I should get a moped? I will probably not use it over winter cos it’ll be miserable but in the summer it might be a cheaper way for me to get to work/do runarounds and then I’ll use my car less.

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Might mute the word slime but then I would probably never see my wife on the timeline again.

Getting to the top of my stairs and realising I’ve forgotten when I went down for is the ultimate fucking devastation, I’m only 30 years old but it’s a genuine nightmare trying to climb them can I get a stairlift fitted right now

Like honestly even when we used to go to festivals and stay in tents where it was actually freezing cold we would be wonderfully toasty warm cos I’ve got her radioactive body near me. The window in our bedroom is open 365 days a year my ideal bedroom temp is like 10 degrees.

Every time we go round my in laws my mother in law spends hours asking us if we need any more blankets and I’m like absolutely not you don’t understand how warm I get in bed lying next to Nicki who literally radiates heat.

The idea of using an electric blanket in bed honestly feels like hell to me. I absolutely love getting into a cold bed, it’s like cold side of the pillow but a full body thrill.

He’s such a little freak he’s bitten himself really hard and left teeth marks 😑😑😑

The television does a lot of childcare for me these days cos it’s the only thing that holds his attention long enough to stop him being an awful little cunt.

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