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why is possessing a body so relentless, I can’t be fucking bothered with all the maintenance it requires like bathing and brushing my teeth and using menstrual products and ffs can I just opt out altogether

Just say you hate women and go fuck yourself

newsflash “ironic” misogyny is still misogyny and you’re not a fucking leftist if you engage in it. I’ve seen far too many sexually and emotionally abusive men concealed within the cult of leftist irony to not consider it as the biggest fucking red flag. Like people who think writing for Vice is a replacement for a personality

people on here actually think chapo is good like wtf, id rather die than have to listen to several white men make ableist and sexist “jokes”


General kitten update: two of the four (Midnight and Minion) hit 1 kg! One is just 40 grams short (Snack).
Charm is lagging behind at 810g or so and hasn't been growing much in the past week despite eating like a champ. I'm having an eye on the others at feeding time now just to be sure.

Someone please confirm to me who I need to block off our instance considering what has happened today.


It’s my last pottery class tonight I’m sad but I’m hoping once I get paid next week I can afford to sign up to the regular night classes and then hopefully I’ll get good enough at it to hire space in the studio.


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@mellymeep it was at least 90 minutes! the bus ride took a while and i had to buy a chicken wrap from morrisons

The best thing about working on mondays when we are closed besides the obvious no customers whatsoever is that I get to eat all of the food that is leftover from the weekend that would otherwise have been chucked out because its past its use by.

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I am listening to Oasis and I wont apologise but Champagne Supernova is nice because it reminds me of the first time me and @xaphania banged, which was within an hour of meeting each other :blobcheeky:

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