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yeah north africa is beautiful but using "arabian" just because it's a word that people will recognise is unfair and kinda ignores the fact that we are originally... not arab? Idk man!!!

"morocco to timbuktu: an arabian adventure" also known as travelling through north africa calling it arab even though it's amazigh and the native languages are forms of tamazight not arabic

I actually really don’t need to be listening to french music right this second but heuss l’enfoiré was just like calling my name dudes

concern about displacement due to climate change versus parroting right wing talking points to get the softer Conservatives on board who would win

literally the first paragraph on a page of extinction rebellion’s website has this sentence: “we face ... mass migration and the breakdown of society”
and you’re telling me they’re positioned as left wing??? Lol

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they call him Captain AHAB


In a phrase... all cops are bastards 🌟

I genuinely do care about climate change, of course I do, I don't want the destruction of this planet, but I will never support an organisation like this. Not in a million years. The people at the top of the organisation obviously want to remain friendly with the police and even try to get them on board, so it's a massive no from me, and it should be from you too. Stop validating their thinly-veiled racism

so some of the lovely folks over at Extinction Rebellion got cops involved after they thought two young men were pickpocketing, the police searched them and found nothing, then they proceeded to do an immigration check. nothing came of it, but a reminder that remaining friendly with cops as an organisation that purports to support the interests of people of colour is not only actively harmful but just plain ridiculous

If you don’t believe me for reason of being a hysterical woman and want to read something more formal about it, here you go, tw for mentions of sexual violence/assault, non-consensual clothed pictures of women

Taking pictures of women’s bare legs is fucking creepy, it’s not harmless fun. It’s weird and uncomfortable and makes us uncomfortable with showing our legs or whatever even when it’s boiling hot outside. Let women exist without being weird about it

Stop taking pictures of unsuspecting women in public perhaps???? Stop touching women without their consent??? You aren’t entitled to anyone’s body and nothing you do is harmless ever

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“Où l’on ouvre une école, on ferme une prison!” – Hippolyte Laroche

(Where we open a school, we close a prison.)

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would be pretty cool to, like, freakin, be reclaimed by nature. Just lie down in a forest for a couple years n turn into a fuckin tree stump or something u know

listening to the mamas and the papas... Can’t believe they invented matriarchal society by putting “the mamas” first in their name. That was so brave of them

they say the impossible is possible on the world wide web..... [cartwheels]

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