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introduction, better late than never Show more

all of the countries were actually submerged under water like 189 years ago, we are all water people if anything

england is indeed fake. but u know what? so is the rest of northern europe. and western europe. and the united states of america. They are all fake and psyops

a blog specifically for LGBTQ+ muslims Show more

I have a cold so i keep replaying that twenty second snippet and talking along with it because i sound exactly like robot steven

My mind is the internet i know every continuity mistake ever made on television

ex-labour mps being racist while calling out labour for racism Show more

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No one needs to starve. No one needs to freeze. No one needs to die. There is enough for everyone. More empty homes than all the people without them, more food than grocers can even sell. The labor and the materials to end scarcity exist now. It is not a far-off dream. We can end scarcity in this life.

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Before the rise of industry, it was normal for people to sleep in two phases each night.

People had no set bedtimes. Sleeping was determined by whether or not there were things to do. Most people would have a first and second sleep, with a couple of hours awake inbetween. This is probably the way humans are supposed to sleep.

Modern schedules don't really let us do that. Perhaps we should think about changing that.

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your daily reminder that the sudden elimination of a capitalist state will not address homophobia, racism, ableism, and other implicit biases

even if the revolution was tomorrow, we would still have work to do to get to an actually equitable world

one of the reasons that white anarchists frustrate me is this belief that if you topple the state, the goodness of people will float up and all that pesky racism stuff will melt away.

this is a dangerous belief. the revolution doesn't end at revolt.

Why can men get away with messy buns but when i go out with them i'm "dishevelled" and "look like i've just come out of the grave"??? I'm fucking sick of it

my avatar is now sailor mars but sailor moon doesnt count as anime so it doesnt really matter

something cool about Cuba that everyone probably already knew Show more

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police violence, menstruation, safety Show more

Here is an idea, stop talking about Black and brown people's livelihoods when the closest you've gotten to reading a book or article by a person of colour is reading posts where the names of a couple of PoC are mentioned

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