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this is probably going to lead to unfollows/losing friends (lol) and whatnot - i assumed people already knew, but: i'm 17, my 18th birthday is in May, i have my own takes on whether this is a big deal or not but i know other people feel uncomfortable following people who are under 18 which i respect. just to let you know if you didn't already! please just softblock me. :blobcatmelt:

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introduction, better late than never Show more

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men who try to claim libraries can be replaced by "netflix for books" don't understand what a library is for Show more

denouncing whiteness... as a bit? instead of perhaps realising that you should actually be doing that as a real part of your politics? just a thought

i know i'm half white but i honestly... the insufferable level that fully white people get to is maddening

unironically: white people are fucking insufferable

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it’s still not quite dry but it is looking a lot less pink now which is kind of annoying but also i knew it wouldn’t work so uwu

extremely nsfw do not open if at work Show more

over the summer i saw this really beautiful woman with bright blue hair and it was matching her hijab + abaya and i want that energy for next year

oh well at least the dye is half gone lol. and this gives me an excuse to post a selfie later of it’s success/failure

i’m going to wash it out soon. i think “pink” was a bit dramatic. because it doesn’t look like the colour has taken at all, lol

angela davis ... Too good for mastodon. that’s my take

you: they're completely different
me (intelligent): but they both involve animals... confusing

getting confused between pavlov's dogs and Schrödinger's cat because i'm so intellectual i have many animal experiments in my brain. i simply cannot differentiate. my brain is too big

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i, for one, believe that garf should be printing pamphlets of his work for me to earnestly hand out at campuses, train stations, and weddings

i'm just gonna listen to what the bottle tells me, will update later folks

should i wash it first or put it on dry hair. because the instructions said towel dried hair but guess what.... i cant be bothered

going 2 dye my hair pink now because i keep putting it off and i also spent money on the dye so i dont want 2 waste it!

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Falangism and homophobia Show more

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