White leftists need to read more authors of colour because the amount of people I have seen saying reading Lenin or other white people on imperialism is enough is embarrassing. It doesn’t even cross their minds to listen to us and our lived experiences. Calling urself a leftist and acting like that, lmao

White ppl be like: Read Lenin! Read Gramsci! Read Stalin! Read Althusser! Read Durkheim! Read Parsons!
Us: What about bell hooks or maybe Fatima Mernissi?
White ppl: who are they lol

you lot pls this isn’t to say never read Lenin and also Marx was always wrong because 1. you should read Lenin and 2. Marx was consistently not wrong. it’s just to say you *should* expand your horizons especially if you’ve only ever read white authors. the direct experiences of POC specifically in regard to anti-/colonialism and anti-/imperialism is something you will not find reading Lenin

@wintgenstein hell yeah I love her. Also slightly unrelated but I feel like u would enjoy Eqbal Ahmad

@rosewaters i need to confide in someone but my sister posted the most lib shit imagineable to facebook last night saying we need to call the crusades a jihad and how we look at the crusades as good but jihad bad and they're both bad and told me i was doing a red herring fallacy in saying that jihad is more of an internal struggle with faith!! i'm losing my shit over he-ah!!

@evan @rosewaters thankfully she ended the conversation but i was getting so mad over a period of like 3 hours as she'd just say worse and worse shit. she quoted an article from a fundamentalist in one of her history books and i told her he's a fundamentalist and she was like "no this is just how religious people are" !!!! aaaaaaa

@wintgenstein them ones when you know nothing about what jihad actually consists of 😍 no offense to ur sister but... chief!

@rosewaters lol no offense taken..she's a white liberal dumbass (we have the same mom but different dads)

@rosewaters I've read hooks but not fatima mernissi - thank you for the recommendation.

@rosewaters I strongly share that frustration. Got very pissed off about this last light

@garfiald your posts about Fanon right? I definitely agree. It’s embarrassing how many people are unwilling to even entertain the idea of reading Fanon/Saïd etc. when they objectively have a better grasp (and lived experience, obviously) on things like colonialism and Orientalism than white men that lived in the early 20th century. Also your thread on Algeria/French colonial laws etc. was really cool

@garfiald my non-mention of female authors here isn’t meant to suggest that men are the only ones who ever wrote about anti-/colonialism but am tired and can’t remember any off the top of my head lol

@rosewaters yeah Fanon gave me the vocabulary I never realised I needed to describe my experience of racism, it was a revelation for me. I'm so so so glad you enjoyed my thread, thank you so much for reading!! It's good to have you back

@garfiald i can imagine, it sounds like it must have been such a wonderful experience. was it black skin white masks that you read? i’ve only ever read (part of) the wretched of the earth lol. and you’re welcome pal! i’m glad to be back!!

@rosewaters Yeah Black Skin White Masks! All 3 of his books are worth reading imo

@rosewaters Got any recommendations?

I'm thinking Lucy Parsons, Emiliano Zapato, Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin, Mika Feldman de Etchebéhère, He Zhen, Kanno Sugako, Takamure Itsue.

Would love to learn about more, or who's work is especially appreciated

#anarchism #poc

@webmind specifically about imperialism/colonialism or just in general?

@rosewaters in general (works of) anarchist authors of colour

@webmind i’ll get back to you with some, i’ve primarily read Marxist work by poc but will try to find some anarchist works other than who you already mentioned!

@webmind angela davis and huey p. newton i can recommend from having read their work already, and from searching i found ashanti alston. others i can recommend who aren’t necessarily anarchists: fanon, edward saïd, ahmed ben bella are all good

@rosewaters 💜💜💜

it can't be said enough! fuck Marx, he was terrible at being a communist, also was a statist, and did not singlehandedly invent communism, or even invent it all. Marx was also a huge white supremacist.

@lyliawisteria i’m not gonna lie, i do call myself a Marxist. historical materialism is the only theory that makes sense to me. i think calling him a statist goes contrary to the Marxist theory of development which ends in (stateless, classless) communism. and i’m not sure whether calling him a white supremacist is appropriate considering he was Jewish. but you’re welcome to counter any of these points, this wasn’t meant to be ~an own~ or anything

@rosewaters first of all, white Jewish people are white. second, he rejected his Jewish ancestry and was actually very anti-Jewish. the letters between him and Engels were extremely anti-Black. Marx made it very clear in the First Internationale that he was a statist. this was a main point of contention between him and Bakunin, who was also very anti-Jewish.

@lyliawisteria i assume you’re referring to “On the Jewish Question” here and i think yes, it could be interpreted as anti-Semitic, but it needs to be taken in context as a criticism of Bauer’s writing about how Jewish people shouldn’t be liberated because religion has no place in secular society. of course there’s not one interpretation of it and ours will probably be different, but i think that the point of that writing was not to dehumanise Jewish people etc. but, as clumsy as it was, defend

@lyliawisteria them from the likes of Bauer. of course, this is just my take on it and i realise it can be taken in many different ways. also, could you point me towards any letters which show his anti-Blackness?

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