white person: [has bad take]
person of colour: lmao uhh come on that’s kinda... not good...
white person: stop GASLIGHTING me you evil prick

misusing genuine psychiatric terms because someone upset you by having the nerve to disagree with you 😍

also calling someone ableist, classist, whatever when they have cordially disagreed with you (i.e. using no slurs and not being discriminatory whatsoever) is shitty :)

white working class people in the global north stop playing the “woe is me” card when anyone criticises you challenge

get some fucking perspective, my god, it’s like they forget poor non-white people exist and the global south exists and that the global north is still built and thriving on the backs and to the detriment of these people


read a book by a non-white person that was published in the latter half of the 20th century and gain some kind of understanding of postcolonialism thanks

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