Magic Mike XXL is just a perfect movie. the entire point of the movie is that women deserve pleasure and should be given it. it's all about the female gaze and female enjoyment and not as seedy thing like the male gaze so often is but as an amazing thing women deserve. it's one of the most purely enjoyable movies ever made.

@xaphania @mellymeep it should be! it's amazing. cant believe I havent watched this since it came out. it's so great. I should honestly watch it once a week.


@Jessicacrets @xaphania and there's so many fat women!!! being allowed their sexuality!! its incredible

@mellymeep @xaphania that's something I noticed with this second viewing!! also the way women of different sizes and color are being allowed their sexuality while NOT being sexualized for the male gaze.

I love the moments of women laughing or shrieking uncontrollably at the attention they're being given. like it didn't feel like acting.

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